Another Fine Delivery

GPTQA Level 2 Workshop

Another Fine Delivery

GPTQA is quickly becoming the trusted resource for valid, reliable and consistent testing and assessment of humans in both sports and wellness tracking.

To ensure quality assurance all staff are trained specifically in the moment of testing and the control of the environment to a GPTQA level 2 accreditation.

The workshop is open to all levels of student without a necessity of a sport or health background as it goes in to intimate detail to ensure a theoretical and practical experience.

Today #TeamGPTAus are delivering a level 2 workshop at #VictoriaUniversity in Melbourne, Australia with a number of new recruits.


In sporting clubs, gyms, schools etc. it is essential your staff or those engaged in assessing in any capacity knows the purpose, delivery and safety of testing.  For more information on the next workshop or to arrange a custom workshop for your organisation simply contact our team here.

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