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Let's get functional

Let’s Get Functional!

Content by: Deanna Niceski – Accredited Exercise Physiologist Step aside traditional 70’s style gym-based programs and hello functional movement. You know those cages, green artificial grass, kettlebells, ropes, deadballs and therabands you see in a small section of your gym? That’s there for those ‘out-of-the-box’ people using a more functional approach to training. So, what’s

Why use an exercise physiologist

7 reasons WHY you should see an Exercise Physiologist!

Content by: Deanna Niceski – Accredited Exercise Physiologist Our world is ever-changing and constantly evolving. Our culture is shifting and advancement in technology is making everything conveniently accessible. I mean, we can UberEats without getting off the couch and find the love of our life by swiping right. There is little demand for movement or

Quality Assurance in 20m Acceleration

A valid 20m protocol

Content by: Mr Graham Dudley.  CEO Global Performance Testing International. When performing any assessment on people the need of validity in the test and consistency in the delivery is essential. This video may look like a normal 20m acceleration test from the outside but under GPTQA accredited conditions you need to look a little deeper.

Cape custom fit compression

Why elite athletes need custom fit compression

Content by: Dr James Waldie, PhD.  CEO Cape Bionics and Assoc Adjunct Professor, RMIT University – Picture: Andreas Mogensen wearing the Waldie Skinsuit on the International Space Station in 2015 (copyright European Space Agency) Introduction Despite being widely used by athletes at all levels, there is still considerable debate about how compression physiologically impacts the

GPTQA Level 2 Workshop

Another Fine Delivery

GPTQA is quickly becoming the trusted resource for valid, reliable and consistent testing and assessment of humans in both sports and wellness tracking. To ensure quality assurance all staff are trained specifically in the moment of testing and the control of the environment to a GPTQA level 2 accreditation. The workshop is open to all

GWT and Vicsport

Global Wellness Tracking partner with Vicsport to bring reliable wellness tracking and positive wellbeing across Victoria.

PRESS RELEASE 1ST AUGUST 2019 In support of the growing necessity of lifelong wellness for people involved in all aspects of sports, Global Performance Testing Australia CEO Graham Dudley and Vicsport CEO Lisa Hasker are both proud to announce this innovative partnership in promoting exceptional wellbeing throughout sporting organisations in Victoria. Global Wellness Tracking are

About our free membership

About our free membership

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Graham Dudley

The founder and inaugural CEO of Global Performance Testing International and it’s subsidiaries in Australia and the UK. Graham’s expertise of global business strategy and development has been born from over 25 years in international trade and commerce including distribution and brand representation across 5 continents. Holding an AFC B license in football (soccer) coaching,

Shhh weight loss

The hidden benefits of weight loss no one talks about

Content by: Health expert – Kusal Goonewardena “The active living coach” Weight loss is not just about looking and feeling good. There are many hidden reasons why being a healthy weight benefits you. Consider these five hidden benefits: 1. Your organs are happier When we carry excess weight our organs are under more pressure. Physically,

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