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Already a member? Login to your account here Global Wellness Tracking provide international memberships to support wellbeing of the professional and broader public communities. Memberships are available in five different levels. Free Membership Our FREE membership provides valuable information on data interpretation and resources to better understand the flow of wellness and active living. Register now –

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Athlete Login Access your personal wellness data Login Coach Login Access your team or class wellness data Login If you need support in accessing your TRACK account click here to visit the “How To Use TRACK” page with information and instructional videos. TRACK can be accessed directly at

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Global Wellness Tracking offers regional affiliate programs to shout out the message of wellbeing to the communities of sport, health, education and technology. Affiliates receive a number of benefits including commissions on directed sales or bookings, discounts from partners within our global network and access to special events. For more information, please contact us or

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School wellness tracking Valid fitness testing protocols for general activities or sport specificity Latest hardware and software technology RFID athlete management 3D body scanning Bioelectrical impedance assessment 3D functional screening and objective FMS Trained and accredited staff Free resources including GPTQA Flow, Health Jargon Buster, Numbers Explained and Useful Links Importance of fitness testing in

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Staff training and accreditation GPTQA accreditation provides security for clients on the fundamental knowledge and capability of assessment staff Guarantees data validity and reliability Ensures working knowledge of specific technology, error and deviation for accurate outcomes Provides a global consistency across the industry for purposeful comparison of data for research and development GPTQA has been

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As Global Wellness Tracking and our network collect data under controlled and verified conditions, we have a continually building reliable reservoir of data that can be utilised for research and development projects specific to health, sport, education and technology. If you have a specific need to use data or reliably collect human performance information (physically

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Register now for TiD Scout membership The TiD Scout membership provides valuable insights to sport specific normative data and talent sources. GPTQA Flow – Learn how to breakdown human performance Health Jargon Buster – Understand the sport and science language Numbers Explained – Basic overview of testing data explained with calculators Useful Links – Network

Pilates and habitual change

Kick off with some Pilates

Content by: Graham Dudley – CEO Global Performance Testing International Virtual Trainer is a unique resource to help you through creating habits in active living. Let’s kick off with a quick 2 day task and introduction to some Pilates moves to get you in the mood to function. Simply click on the links below, take

Wellness Supports Wellness

GWT Australia and Zap Fitness join to assist Australian disaster relief and recovery

Content by: Graham Dudley – CEO Global Performance Testing International With the enormous global impact of the fires across Australia taking its toll on the population both locally and internationally and the significantly winding road ahead to recovery, Global Wellness Tracking have teamed up with Zap Fitness in Victoria to urge wellness for wellness. Zap

Fascia,the spiderweb connecting your body
  • Posted by: Deanna
  • 2019-11-13

‘The Spiderweb Connecting Your Body.’

Content by: Deanna Niceski – Accredited Exercise Physiologist Have you heard of the word Fascia? Hopefully you have, if not, you can always teach an old dog new tricks (I believe so anyway). It’s an underrated system in our body that interconnects absolutely everything. “Fascia is the body’s connective tissue. It’s a head-to-toe, inside-to-out, all-encompassing,