Video: For 15 years, GRACE tracked freshwater movements around the world

NASA scientists used GRACE data to identify regional trends of freshwater movement, and combined that information with data from other satellites, climate models and precipitation measurements to determine the causes of major regional trends in freshwater storage. Credit NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre Source – NASA


A page dedicated to information and resources around the corona virus outbreak COVID-19 This page is dedicated to officially sourced information to help you understand, track and manage the spread of the corona virus. Advice for the general public – Videos – Source WHO ( Q&A: COVID-19 in the workplaceSource Continue Reading

CoronaCare Part 2

Spread the good stuff with a FREE club infographic Global Wellness Tracking have designed this simple and effective infographic based on resources from the World Health Organisation on simple tasks that can be considered in sporting clubs and schools to stop the spread of virus’ and specifically the current COVID-19 Continue Reading

The current distribution of coronavirus (COVID-19) 13.03.2020

Update 30.03.2020 Increase of confirmed cases since yesterday: +62,702 Increase in deaths since yesterday: +3,451 Increase in countries, areas or territories infected: +1 Top 5: USA – 103,321, Italy – 92,472, China – 82,356, Spain – 72,248, Germany – 52,547 Confirmed cases in Australia – 3,966 (stayed at 17th on Continue Reading