Click and Sing #DistanceTogether

With all of the self isolation happening around the world in reaction to #COVID19 #Coronavirus, the team at Global Wellness Tracking have come up with another awesome way to #SpreadTheGoodStuff in a bad situation.


We have found a cool version of the Elton John classic #YourSong with lyrics on YouTube (uploaded by #BenThetwoofus) and are pushing out for people to pump up the volume in the workplace, street, bus, bath or school and smile.

Tag #DistanceTogether and share this with friends and family around the world and let us all sing together.  Any tagging to #TeamGWT via the socials is always appreciated as we work tirelessly to create exceptional wellbeing and keep the light at the end of this tunnel shining brightly for all to see.

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Got a request?  Message us 🙂  Love the sounds of #EltonJohn, visit his store.