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Course: 5A Breathing
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Welcome to the Global Wellness Tracking short course on breathing.

This course is part of the silver membership benefits and is designed to support personal education and development in active living and overall wellness.

Where it fits in the GPTQA Flow:

Breathing is a component of the “My Body” section of the GPTQA Flow

How it works:

This course is broken in to three chapters including the why, how and what.  Each chapter contains a number of lessons detailing facts and information about the main course topic followed by a “test your knowledge” quiz.  The quiz consists of ten multiple-choice and true/false questions based on the content of the lessons.

It is your challenge to complete the quiz with an 80% success rate as a minimum pass and we have allowed three attempts for you to achieve this.

Further resources are available throughout the website www.globalwellnesstracking.com and specifically via the “Glossary of Wellness” section.

By participating in this short course you agree to the consent to self-assessment and virtual trainer within the consent and privacy statement (link here).

Good luck

Yours in wellness

Team Global Wellness Tracking