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you will need a Locker Code (ATH******1) to access your personal locker. Please select one of the following:

Slide I DO have a locker code (ATHxxxxxx1) by have forgotten THE NUMBER I DO have a locker code (ATHxxxxxx1) and wish to go to my Locker I DO have a locker code (ATHxxxxxx1) but have forgotten MY PASSWORD I DO NOT have a locker code (ATHxxxxxx1) and need to enrol for a free one now


Global Wellness Tracking takes your data privacy seriously so there are two parts to our platform:

Part 1 is your own private and personal Locker where your results, goals, data and resource navigation is stored.  To access a Locker, you need to created a Locker Code.  The Locker Code (aka Athlete ID) consists of 7 numbers preceded by “ATH” (example ATH0000001).  If you have been assessed by Global Wellness Tracking in the past, you may already have a Locker Code.

Part 2 is the add-on resources where your membership accesses the resources and information to support your well-being, this is the membership login you have just successfully created.