How women feel about getting active

A clear reminder of why empowerment comes from within

Another awesome blog by Graham Dudley “Founder and CEO”

This is an amazing video provided by Vichealth around the truth that lays within the fitness industry across Australia and globally.

Taking ownership is empowerment

There is no excuse for the daily comments made by many in the personal training, fitness, coaching, teaching or high performance industries as the comments in this film are replicated throughout each of these sectors.

A negative, subjective comment from a personal trainer about the size or shape of another human is identical to the negative, subjective opinion of a soccer coach to their players and unfortunately self-reflection on their own capability to be objective, reliable and valid in their opinion is far below their personal measure of capability.

What do we at Global Wellness Tracking mean by this?  Well, education is key as anxiety is simply a fear of the unknown and by default a teacher, coach, trainer etc are all egotistical in their passionate belief that they have been accredited, therefore must be masters in their domain.  The truth is that there is more often an underlying anxiety within these roles that they do not actually know what to do in an intimate, empathetic way for their client which results in unnecessary, knee-jerk commentary.

Let’s be clear on this people…this is bullying.  You can see identical similarities in the school playground and likely the fit, confident person is likely to intimidate and demoralise the inactive, overweight person as there is no sympathy or empathy.  “You need to work hard like me and I don’t care about your excuses”.  Maybe excuses have foundation to build from?

There is a great light at the end of the tunnel though for both the client (looking to improve or stabilise their life) and the provider (looking to empower and reinforce their clients goals in life).  Global Wellness Tracking provide education that allows the client and provider to grow in parallel and in isolation as we are not all the same.

For the coach, trainer, teacher it is clear you need some support and an arm around the shoulder to learn and develop as a professional in this ever changing world we live in so we offer resources, facts, expertise and unbiased reliability for you.  For the individual athletes, life change challenger, parent you likewise need to be supported and take accountability for your own body and mind as you cannot expect another human to live your life for you, so we also provide resources, wellness summaries, learning opportunities and expertise to you on understanding how you work and the wonders your body has at your disposal.

“Dear fitness industry

Please stop looking for excuses.  Please stop assuming we are all “normal”.  Please collaborate with knowledge and listen to your clients feelings.  Please learn and don’t feel it is a weakness to not know everything.  Please understand your responsibility to your fellow human as they are quite simply investing (with hard earned money) in you to help them.  Please, if you really don’t know, ask someone that does.” GD

Join our network at (it’s free) and start to bring back the basics of human engineering and understand the links between your body and mind.  Let’s re-evolve.

PS – There are an enormous amount of awesome coaches, teachers, trainers and supporters to your wellbeing out there (they normally just don’t mention how great they really are;-)

Yours with hope for change

Graham Dudley – CEO Global Performance Testing International (