Man these are strange times

Man these are strange times

Another awesome blog by Graham Dudley “Founder and CEO”

Ok, so we are in a crisis. Staff and the public are running around crazy with information from a million resources, some legitimate some not so and the news is animating the situation of #Coronavirus like it is an action packed thriller movie.

Social media has gone AWOL and yes, we know it is an adventure to work from the place you normally eat and sleep but for some this is an extraordinary winding road filled with holes, bridges, broken gates and sometimes more lanes than you can ever image.

“More lanes”. What do I mean about this? Well CEO’s, directors, board members and managers are people too and right now they have more lanes in front of them than anyone else. Some lanes are moving slowly and plodding along with the inevitable exit in a few hundred yards. A few lanes have huge juggernauts carrying on and pushing all the smaller cars out of the way, not changing lane, just ploughing on. The outside lane has some frantic and erratic V8’s charging with no care of the others on the road and no idea where they are actually going to exit. Unfortunately a number of these end up hitting the centre barrier or even worse hitting the other cars through knee jerk, inexperienced decisions on price dumping, ego or genuine greed. Then there are the “weavers” and there are two of these. The first is the one that gets everyone’s attention as they undertake, overtake, brake, acceleration, shout and give the single finger salute…you know these businesses. Then there is the proactive weaver who stays focused on the road far away but remains conscious of ALL of the traffic around them. They overtake gently and with subtlety but foresee the bends, the widening, the narrowing, the accidents and the roadworks ahead.

As staff (and humans) we need responses under a crisis as the fight or flight instinct kicks in but we need to very consious of the pressures our managers, directors and boards are under too. There are some in these positions that will flaunt the situation without any moral regret but the majority are scared too about keeping their staff employed, keeping their families afloat and keeping the business alive. They are literally sactificing everything right now to protect and we all need to urgently recognise this.

Now I speak from experience not as an academic with a theory. I have been a small business owner and employer for over 2 decades, in fact it is almost all I have ever done. I have loved and lost great staff including forcing redundancies a week before Christmas in 2008 (GFC). I own a business dedicated to “WELLBEING” a phrase underestimated and overused in today’s society but necessary nonetheless and I am a father, husband, son and brother with family spread around the globe. I understand and empathise.

So the WHY of this post is based on the need to not just communicate but to co-operate and understand that there are many underlying reasons that senior management and business leaders are making significant and serious decisions right now and we all need to be empathetic and understanding. With over 7 billion people on the planet, the human population cannot answer all calls and questions immediately and I feel for all the organisations dedicated to customer services and the health services committed to saying YES to all that ask for help. The human population system is under pressure NOT just the telecomms company or local store.

You may lose your job, you may need support from your government and you may need assistance for your family to survive but there are things you can do right now, today to take advantage of this global challenge. LEARN.

Read this blog about “Falling into great habits” as if you embrace change, you will find something as good as, if not better than where you were yesterday.

Working from home

The globe has changed people, understand it, embrace it and don’t blame someone else as this is a waste of your positive and awesome energy. Unite, collaborate, support and feel human again.

Let me put it another way…the world is genuinely investing billions of dollars in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and yet a simple virus has forced us to use AI (Actual Intelligence), something I have campaigned about for ever so we have a great OPPORTUNITY here to reignite primitive human ability with the awesome inventions and innovation of the 21st century.

Please feel free to share this and follow me and my team at Global Wellness Tracking as we stick to our mission of…

“Creating exceptional wellbeing through positive habitual change in active living and education”

In conclusion, if you are a CEO, board member, director, manager or leader in your organisation (voluntary or not), it is ok NOT to be OK so make sure you talk, take a breathe and take time to re-focus on your situation as it is changing weekly, daily and even hourly. If you need to get some support DM me. I am not a psycologist but I have empathy and a network that may be able to assist.

Stay safe, stay educated, stay informed with facts and CTRL-ALT-DELETE for a reboot. More information, resources and cool support at