Moovmentpro and womens football

Graham Dudley Technical Director

Functional movement has always been a major focus of mine as a football coach and especially when working with higher loaded players such as sub-elite or those who transition from lower leagues or even other sporting codes as the strains on the body differ between sports and obviously ages and genders.

Our partners at MoovmentPro have been working alongside Swedish women’s football team Älvsjö AIK  who play in the national “Elitettan” (2nd division) for a number of months under the controlled, experienced eye of their coaching, conditioning and physio team.

Background of the professional approach to injury prevention and conditioning includes:

  1. Initiative started using the Qinematic MoovmentScan and MoovmentPro 3D functional scanning system in April 2020
  2. 5-6 scans have been provided since the initial engagement
  3. Each scan has been in combination with individualised feedback, manual treatments and corrective exercises for identified dysfunction
  4. All players have their own scan visualisation, individual exercises and communications with their therapist via the mobile app

The status of the players right now (at end Sept 2020):

  • No injuries
  • Reduced disorders – through reported pain assessment
  • Enhanced movement patterns of the team from an aggregated perspective
  • Enhanced communication and (root cause) insights for the players through education
  • Satisfied management and playing groups overall

I cannot reiterate the importance of players to baseline their performance especially in fundamental movement at the earliest possible stage so that they themselves, with their health professionals can observe and significantly reduce the risk of injury and customise loading with objective fact rather than subjective opinion.

Global Wellness Tracking are proud to partner MoovmentPro as a solution for our clients in the plight for and educated and reduced risk support mechanism to todays and tomorrows athletes.