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Global Wellness Tracking partner SportsEDTV to provide an entire channel of professional sport coaching to members

SportsEDTV is offering an unlimited resource of professionally recorded, expert coaching videos across a number of sporting codes and Global Wellness Tracking have teamed up to include this extraordinary content into the members library of channels and resources.

While SportsEDTV provide the videos for free on their website, Global Wellness Tracking are packaging the multi-sport content free from advertisements and with ability and goal tracking features built in.

“We recognise that the resources are amazing, especially when provided for free but Global Wellness Tracking also recognise that some environments benefit from the content without potentially un-connected advertisements therefore have a small fee of just *$0.94 (AUD) per week to access the libraries of sports” says GWT CEO Graham Dudley.

Additional features on Global Wellness Tracking include a development tracker where players can rate their feelings of ability broken down into technical points and then share this with their regular coach for support and guidance.


Graham added “Schools and sporting clubs are a significant focus for us globally and the content is ideal for session planning, virtual training and PE lesson design with opportunity for students to discover games from participation and coaching perspectives therefore I am really pleased to provide the SportsEDTV bundle with our daily wellness tracker services for just **$0.48 per week per student/player to clubs and schools who are keen to innovate their PE and sport development”.

Remember, these prices are not per lesson or per sporting code, they are for the entire SportsEDTV channel access.

You can subscribe today by clicking here and if you represent an official sporting club, school or aligned not-for-profit please email to discuss the discount packages and terms.

Contact Global Wellness Tracking here:

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*Based on the Annual Pass subscription of $49/year.  Optional $9.95/month subscription is available

**Based on the Annual Team Pass subscription of $25/year