When you become aware, you're half way there.

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It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to, has power over you…if you allow it.

Awareness is the quality or state of being aware; knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists. I want to expand your thoughts on this definition and really think deeply about how aware you are about the simple things we take for granted in our everyday routine.

We live our lives in our conscious or subconscious mind, conscious mind being responsible for your intentional actions and subconsciousness requiring a little more effort to tap into.

Now I don’t want you to tap into your subconscious about things you have kept there for a long time (we all have trauma we keep away). I want you to think about the everyday tasks we do and dig your thoughts into them.

So, let me ask you this…are you ACTUALLY aware of what you feed yourself? What type of clothes you put on each morning? What you look at on your social media?
What about who you date or the friends you surround yourself with? How do you speak to yourself or how do you speak about yourself? Do you even speak to yourself (it’s not crazy to do this btw)?

Do you care about what you’re putting in your body when you eat that Big Mac or have you lost all care for how your body functions? The clothes you choose to wear… are they a true projection on how you feel and how you want to display yourself as a unique human being, or have you lost the effort to make yourself feel good (I know the mumma’s will feel this one!)?

How’s your social media? Is it filled with negative Nancy news that the world chooses to brainwash you with or is it filled with positive quotes and inspirational people that may be ‘influencers’ or may be your regular Joe blow that just wants the world to be a little less on edge? What about your relationship/friendships? Are they people who inspire, uplift, and encourage you? Or are you surrounded by toxic energy that brings out the worse traits you may carry?

These are all such valid questions that we sometimes forget to think about in today’s busy society. We tend to get ‘comfortable’. I for one was grateful that 2020 gave me the time to really think about myself in so many different levels. I got to think about my identity and how I was straying so far out of alignment with my goals and my true potential.

Tapping into your consciousness doesn’t have to sound as hippy as you think it may be. We are all doing it in our everyday life without realising. But when we start becoming aware, we start to utilise our tools and resources and start growing in ways we never thought was possible. Now, this can be as simple as making conscious decisions about what food you choose to fuel your body with and what you speak into your life every day.

Here are some tips that have personally helped me within the last year. My first piece of advice will be to start with baby steps!

1 – Stop thinking that eating healthy is too hard and actually take some time out of your day to plan what you want your body to run off. Don’t count your calories and cut back on carbs. Eat healthy, wholefoods and learn how to listen to your body!

2 – Clean out your closet and throw out those clothes you haven’t worn for years. Go buy some clothes that match YOUR personality and that make you feel FANTASTIC and comfortable at the same time (comfy for the win right?)!

3 – Cull your circle. If they don’t serve you then bye bye! It’s 2021 and we don’t need that negative energy surrounding us…and no, they do not need an explanation.

4 – Tell yourself you LOVE YOURSELF! Don’t seek validation from others around you. It really is true when they say that no one will love you the way you want them to unless you love yourself first! Look at yourself in the mirror every day this week and say ‘I love you ____, I love you so much _____’. Grab your tissues while you do this one!

5 – And…SLEEP!!! Looking after your mental health means you NEED to sleep! Stop staying awake to watch those Netflix shows and give your body and mind time to repair and grow!

My point of this blog is to encourage you to be intentional about the everyday ‘tasks’ we do that are sometimes looked as ‘not important’. We need to realise that the words you express to yourself will only project onto those around you. Every word that you tell yourself has energy and the universe will bring it back to you. Choose wisely what you speak and what you fill your life with.

Watch how your perception about yourself will change…it all starts within you.


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