GWT Australia and Zap Fitness join to assist Australian disaster relief and recovery

Wellness Supports Wellness

GWT Australia and Zap Fitness join to assist Australian disaster relief and recovery

Content by: Graham Dudley - CEO Global Performance Testing International

With the enormous global impact of the fires across Australia taking its toll on the population both locally and internationally and the significantly winding road ahead to recovery, Global Wellness Tracking have teamed up with Zap Fitness in Victoria to urge wellness for wellness.

Zap Fitness are a growing network of gyms and wellness studios in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania who are committing several unique projects to support the disaster relief and recovery across the country and the team at #GWTAus have now committed our support to a project across the 14 sites in Victoria to donate profits of wellness assessments and scans to the Australian Red Cross appeal.

Currently the services need financial support as a priority after enormous outpouring of donations in clothing, food, resources and supplies from the public so, in partnership with Zap Fitness, we are providing a joint donation of $10 for every wellness scan pack serviced at Zap Fitness centres until 29th January 2020.

"Wellness supports wellness"

The package of assessment includes a professional body composition screen using the very latest in BIA technology plus a Fit3D full body scan to provide a holistic view of your body internally and externally plus postural report.  This reliable service provided by GWT trained and accredited staff in turn ensures you have the facts of where you are at currently.

After the assessment you are supported with free resources from the GWT team plus opportunities to make a difference in positive steps with the facilities and professionals across the Zap Fitness network.

We are all about creating exceptional wellbeing through positive habitual change and education towards an active and well life and this opportunity to benchmark yourself and set your goals will bring much needed financial aid to the volunteers across Victoria at a time of need.

Donations will be administered through the Australian Red Cross and you can make private donations via this link too.

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