Assessment Services

Testing and assessment services

Assessment Services

School Wellness Tracking

Professional fitness, performance and mindset tracking plus education resources for students and teachers

Corporate Wellness Tracking

Promoting and activating wellbeing of both body and mind to staff and their familes

Personal Wellness Tracking

Goal setting, learning and physical literacy for a longer, better, more active life for all

Sport specific assessment

Injury prevention and identification are essential component of sports both physically and mentally.
Global wellness Tracking offer expertise in exercise physiology, conditioning and mindset using the latest in innovative technologies at very affordable prices.  These services consider the body composition, posture, anthropometry and functional movement in addition to more traditional fitness assessments and sport specific testing.
Our comprehensive event management team reinforce the services with trained and accredtited test teams, athlete management during events and secure online data reporting via TRACK for both coaches and athletes.
Due to our ability to work efficiently at scale, the pricing for community, sub-elite and professional clubs are very competitive and affordable.
Valid fitness testing protocols for general activities or sport specificity
Latest hardware and software technology
RFID athlete management
3D body scanning
Bioelectrical impedance assessment
3D functional screening and objective FMS
Trained and accredited staff
Free resources including GPTQA Flow, Health Jargon Buster, Numbers Explained and Useful Links

Importance of fitness testing in sports

Promoting physical activity
Developing skills in goal setting, self-monitoring and self-testing
Promoting learning and positive attitudes for coaches and athletes
Motivating athletes
Refining the support to the coach in fitness periodisation
Evaluating fitness and training program loads
Identifying students with athletic potential (talent identification)
Screening athletes for health issues and injury prevention
Diagnosing fitness needs for individual exercise prescription and improvement
Objective guidance for rehabilitation and recovery