Education Services

Learning and education in human performance testing

Education Services

Staff training and accreditation

GPTQA accreditation provides security for clients on the fundamental knowledge and capability of assessment staff
Guarantees data validity and reliability
Ensures working knowledge of specific technology, error and deviation for accurate outcomes
Provides a global consistency across the industry for purposeful comparison of data for research and development
GPTQA has been evaluated and supported by Victoria University and the Institute for Health and Sport
GPTQA Accreditation

Importance of a global accreditation

Guaranteed consistency in data collection services globally for true comparison and correlation
Refinement of policy and procedures within the sports, health, education and wellness industries around development of positive life habits
Creation of a level playing field in talent identification and coaching strategy development
Indication of a persons or business ability to meet basic guidelines in reliability

Teacher, Coach, Student and Parent training

Workshop environments for group learning in:
  • Why and when to test
  • What is validity
  • Why consistency matters
  • When is testing reliable
  • How to manage error
  • Interpreting results
Access resources in protocol, policy and technology

Importance of education in wellness tracking

Promoting physical activity
Ensure accuracy in data for goal setting and analysis
Developing skills in goal setting, self-monitoring and self-testing
Promoting learning and positive attitudes
Properly diagnose wellness needs for individual exercise prescription and improvement
Objective guidance for rehabilitation and recovery

Our approach

Education is key.
The Global Wellness Tracking approach is based on training and educating every client on why we test, how we test and what we must ensure when testing.  A simple calculation on this principal is "Validity+Consistency+Reliability" and without reliability you are testing for testing sake.
Our workshops and online resources open the door for everybody to be able to learn and interpret the information to suit their personal lifestyles and this is essential to allow people to make their own, educate, way to a positive life and create active habits.
Workshops are engaging and inclusive as we talk in real time about Actual Intelligence (AI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) - The same but different.

What others say...

"Fear is of the unknown.  When we don't understand, we become anxious and therefore instinctively will fear the outcome.
From basic weight loss programs to advanced high performance athletic strategies it is essential the personnel in the relationship understand the same objectives and barriers especially in human wellness of body and mind.
By training the athlete, the coach can manage development more efficiently and this is no different to the general consumer in a gym looking to change their life, body and mind.
You can give a family a fish for supper and feed them for the night or teach them to fish and feed them for life.  We choose to teach." G.Dudley