operation 66

This is the second phase of operation 66

PHASE 2 will start on on july 13th 2020

CAN YOU CREATE A NEW POSITIVE HABIT IN 66 DAYS?  It’s not too late to begin.

Set your habit goal and track your progress to achieve successful habitual change

Track your habit progress


Why 66?

Global Wellness Tracking’s mission is to create exceptional well-being through positive habitual change in active living and education.

Habits form through repetition and it is proven that, on average, a habit is created in sixty-six days.

We challenge you to set your own unique goal to create a number of positive habits that will impact your life, lives around you and the environment you are responsible for.

By subscribing as a bronze member today using the coupon code “OPERATION66” you will receive all the assets of free and bronze membership for the duration of the operation.  Bronze membership is normally $5.00 AUD per month and a full list of features is available here.


Play the guitar | Stop smoking | Exercise for 30 minutes a day | Turn my phone off after 10pm | Cook a meal from scratch | Learn something new every day | Practice Yoga | Build a house | Got an idea?  Send it to us here

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