Athletic Performance Testing

Stand out from the crowd with a validated performance report

Reinforce your sporting resume with a professional and validated performance assessment

Secure Reliable Data

GPTQA accredited assessments are recognised internationally for development and by talent identification scouts.

Whether to baseline your personal abilities, create a physical resume for a college application or provide your personal assets to a talent identification scout for a professional sporting club it is essential you have reliable and valid performance data.

Global Wellness Tracking are a world leader and reputable data provider to the broad sporting community with all services guaranteed under the Global Performance Testing Quality Assurance (GPTQA) accreditation.

Our Physical Services

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“If it isn’t valid or consistent, it will not be acceptably reliable”

Global Wellness Tracking performance testing is provided with GPTQA quality in mind.

Unreliable testing is often provided with untrained personnel in the moment of unbiased assessment and create significant error in the data.  Take for example a coach or trainer that motivates or encourages only some athletes in a group and not others or testing performed on grass where variables are considerable.

GPTQA trained staff ensure consistency and discuss the purpose of the assessment prior to ensure it is valid for the goal you have.  This can include advice on the latest protocols used by sports globally rather than traditional or outdated tests.

All equipment is verified and staff trained and experienced for an enjoyable, safe and purposeful performance assessment event.


Roller Hockey Testing

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Body Composition (BIA)

Comprehensive bioelectrical impedance assessment using the latest medically certified Tanita MC980, 4 compartment, 6 frequency technology

Price – $25.00

Fit3D Scan

Three dimension body scan that accurately reports the circumference measurements of limbs, torso and neck plus static posture to identify balance and proportion.

Price – $35.00

3D Function Scanning

Using the 3D Qinematic posture scan this service assesses baseline functional movement including balance and mobility.

Price – $70.00

Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

Professional assessment of functional patterns through seven key tests.  Critically, the FMS provided by GWT is by trained and accredited GPQTA and FMS staff members to reinforce inter and intra tester reliability.

Price – $75.00

Fitness Testing

With over a decade expertise in reliable fitness testing in elite and sub-elite sports for world leading draft combines and talent identification programs, the GPTQA service provides assurance of data validity.

Protocols can be adapted to suit a specific sport or purpose as required.

An example fitness test would include:

  • Height and weight
  • Acceleration
  • Agility or change of direction
  • Power
  • Endurance or intermittent recovery

Price – *$150.00


Mindset and psychological assessment tools including wellness tracking are included within the GWT memberships starting at just $5 per user per month.

Personal Data

All data is securely stored and accessed by individuals on the GWT TRACK system and is provided free of charge.


Package 1

  • Body Composition
  • Fit3D
  • Price – $50.00 (normally $70.00)

Package 2

  • Body composition
  • Fit3D
  • 3D Function Scanning
  • Price – $95.00 (normally $140.00)

Package 3

  • Body composition
  • Fit3D
  • 3D Function Scanning
  • Fitness Testing
  • Price – *$195.00 (normally $290.00)

Group packages are available with no maximum number.  Contact us for a quotation.

Global Wellness Tracking are experienced in high scale testing event management including comprehensive RFID athlete management and data analysis for schools and sporting clubs.

*Prices may exclude venue hire

Prices include GST and are available in Australia.  Normal Global Wellness Tracking terms and conditions apply and additional costs may apply based on region or timing.

Additional Services from #TeamGWT

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Members receive access to the secure locker room where there are a range of resources including blogs, information, videos, courses, education and connections to a network that will support your positive active living and mindfulness.  Click below for an example of the locker room features.

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An example of the members personal locker

Members receive a secure and private locker to store personal results, goals and tracking data for their well-being.  Official GPTQA verified data is stored here and members can upload their own unverified results to track progress and development in areas of body measurements, motor skills, functional movement, fitness, sport ability and mindfulness.

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Members select the section of results you would like to enter or view

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Members enter their results and submit

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Members view their progress against period of time and personal targets

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