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"Creating exceptional well-being through positive habitual change in active living and education around the world." GD - CEO

Slide PNG Welcome to "Personal Wellness" Click here to see how we support your lifetime adventure Slide This is Gemma She's tried sooooo many ways to get
and stay feeling awesome
Slide 8 week challenges start great but once they're done, they're done and Gemma
has to look around for another motivator
Slide Gemma wants a lifetime challenge that will flow with her life's adventures Slide So Gemma joined Global Wellness Tracking Global Wellness Tracking Slide Now Gemma can learn about her body and mind with blogs and online learning Slide Put her feelings into action with cool videos, programs and support from leading experts Slide Set personal goals and track progress with her personal, secure
TRACK account
Slide Try "Anything is possible with
positive habitual change"
Slide Try SUCCEED Slide Join Gemma and create your exceptional well-being today Become a new member today

Our support program

Slide Evaluating fitness programs for individual exercise prescription and improvement Identifying lifestyle areas with potential needs Promoting learning and motivating long-term positive habitual change Screening services for potential health issues and inury prevention Objective guidance for rehabilitation and recovery Reinforcing engagement of family and friends well-being Virtual support for home based engagement Develop skills in goal setting, self monitoring and self testing

Slide HOW WE IMPROVE WELLNESS Learn, train, work. Here is a demonstration of our flow in the fundamental skill of breathing. Have go by clicking the links in order 1, 2, 3. 3
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Read the blog by our experts Complete a short course Watch and act

An example of the members locker room

Members receive access to the secure locker room where there are a range of resources including blogs, information, videos, courses, education and connections to a network that will support your positive active living and mindfulness.  Click below for an example of the locker room features.

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An example of the members personal locker

Members receive a secure and private locker to store personal results, goals and tracking data for their well-being.  Official GPTQA verified data is stored here and members can upload their own unverified results to track progress and development in areas of body measurements, motor skills, functional movement, fitness, sport ability and mindfulness.

Example of the secure data locker room

Members select the section of results you would like to enter or view

Example of the secure data locker room

Members enter their results and submit

Example of the secure data locker room

Members view their progress against period of time and personal targets

Example of the secure data locker room

Our Physical Services

Slide 3D Function Scanning Concussion Testing 3D Body Scanning Fitness Testing Mindfulness Tracking Data Management Motor & Cognition Body Composition (BIA) Book a personal scan Contact us for a project discussion

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