Pilot of Wellness Tracking Victoria

Pilot of Wellness Tracking Victoria

Content by: TeamGPTInt - Creating Exceptional Wellbeing

#TeamGWTAus are very proud to be piloting a brand new experience for the wider population around wellness tracking solutions for life, not just for the holidays.

Traditionally gyms and personal trainers have had access to BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Assessment or Body Composition) machines that are fixed in the venue or come occassionally for period assessment but there are fundamental problems with this solution.

  1. Applied use of the technology needs training in validity and reliability to save common errors in the results
  2. Many different devices use multiple apps and logins so tracking lots of information is tiresome
  3. Most gyms have access to just BIA or a 3D scanning option therefore relay on algorithm based assumptions on the client causing high risk of inaccurate program design
  4. Minor details like the environment the client is being assessed, the pre-assessment procedure and the terminology used with the client all impact significantly on the actual results (inter and intra trial and tester reliability)
  5. Often clients are left to do an assessment on the technology at their own will, therefore consistency between assessments becomes unverified
  6. Some practices offer little post-assessment support of data interpretation or breaking down the jargon so clients use "hear-say" to form an opinion of their body and development

All of these points are extraordinarily dangerous when making decisions on how to approach changes to wellness whether physically or mentally and with no formal training on equipment that is accredited (until GPTQA) there has been no way to ensure "apples for apples".

Quotes we hear all too often:

"My body fat percentage changed from my home scales to when I got to the gym"

"My body composition results showed that my thighs are bigger than when I measured them"

"I watched a member do a body comp scan with a ruck-sack still on...no-one stopped her so I don't know what her results would have shown"

"It doesn't matter if you have just worked out before you scan" (incorrect)

"I work out regularly but my 3D scan said I had a really high BFP"

"I have never been told what the numbers actually mean, I just look at the BMI"

Global Wellness Tracking is a unique organisation that assesses technology for purpose and ensures the very highest guarantee of consistency and reliable data every time.  How do we do this?  Technology is of the highest calibre, staff are specifically trained and accredited in the moment of assessment ensuring the client is absolutely informed of all variables and resources are made available for the coach/trainer/teacher and client to fill gaps in current certifications and education in the worlds of strength and conditioning, sport science, exercise physiology and personal training.

With many years experience providing professional services to elite athletes, professional sporting organisations and the sub-elite development industries of sport, Global Wellness Tracking now provides the same experience and technologies to the general public on a mission to teach, engage and develop in wellness.

Normal body composition assessment (BIA) uses multiple frequencies of electricity to scan the body.  These frequencies then provide feedback on the content such as bone, muscle, water and fat however some BIA machines also estimate the measurements of a body such as thigh or bicep circumference.  These measures use an algorith based on "normal" information gathered therefore has a higher risk of error.  Vice versa a 3D scanner uses a laser to asses accurate measurements externally and then an algorithm to estimate internal measures such as body fat percentage (BFP).

For true reliability in order to decide on your wellness and pathways to take, Global Wellness Tracking use both BIA (for body composition) and 3D scanning (for posture and measurements) therefore maximising the best parts of both technologies.

Want to know the best part?  Our packages mean that you receive both solutions and the TRACK personal account to store your data, set your private goals and track your progress for the same price as a basic BIA scan.

From a technological perspective we use the latest hardware and software solutions to make the experience cool and simple plus have a dedicated GPTQA test person right beside you to take the pressure off the delivery of the assessment.  Some BIA machines use two compartment assessment and/or three frequencies to assess the body often resulting in some mis-interpretation between some of the bodies composition i.e. ligament and muscle are similar in density.  GPTQA uses four compartment solutions and six frequency technologies for greater accuracy.

Our pilot program is looking for modern, innovative and engaging gyms, personal trainers, sporting clubs, S&C coaches, EP's and professional practices that would like to work with us on tightening the reliability around wellness tracking.  If you are interested in more information, please email your contact details with subject: Pilot Project Victoria to australia@globalwellnesstracking.com

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