Virtual Technical Director Soccer – Basic Session Planner

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A simple, single page session planner to help manage the set up and delivery of professional football sessions.


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This short, single page session planner outlines the key and most basic points for any training session and is downloadable as a PDF to print.

Key points:

  • Date – The date of the session
  • Team – The name of the team or squad being coached
  • Coach Name – The name of the coach or coaching team running the session
  • Warm Up – Short description of the warm up routine to be used and duration
  • Session – List are to run through the skills, drills and content of the session in order.  Include duration and any progression in the notes here
  • Focus – Drawings, descriptions and focus points can be entered here to assist delivery of the session clearly and quickly
  • Cool Down – Short description of the cool down routine to be used and duration
  • Overall notes on session – Pre-write the focus or purpose of the session and then leave space for notes during the session on achievements, improvements or changes for next time

TIP: Always keep your session plans and notes as these build your expertise on the do’s and do not’s in your coaching career.