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My Mind Voyage Registration
Register your My Mind Voyage interactive journal experience


Congratulations on the purchase of your personal My Mind Voyage interactive journal experience and welcome to the beginning.

Within your journal are numerous QR codes that connect you to the deeper resources and these are also detailed as hyperlink addresses at the back of the journal too.  Once you have activated your account below, these links are all placed in your Personal Locker dashboard for quick and easy navigation.

Let’s get activated

  1. Complete the form below to activate
  2. Hit the “Have a coupon?” link and enter the unique coupon code that was provided in your journal pack
  3. The credit card request fields will vanish and the amount to pay will reduce to $0.00
  4. Complete the transaction
  5. You will find the link to the My Mind Voyage resources in your Personal Locker when you refresh


  • Q. I have lost my coupon code, what do I do? – A. Email with your full name, email address and purchase reference and the team will assist
  • Q. Why do I need to register here? – A. The journal experience provides unique content for the owner as part of the package and this is only available for VIP eyes
  • Q. Do I need my Personal Locker Code (ATH) to access the resources? – A. No, you can use the resources on computer or phone by entering your subscription email (username) and password however some data and tracking tools will be hidden until you enter your Personal Locker Code to unlock
  • Q. Am I charged for this service? – A. No, you have already paid for the My Mind Voyage subscription when you ordered and received the physical journal
  • Q. How do I recommend this for a friend or purchase another experience? – A. Simply click here and go to the My Mind Voyage product page and purchase or forward the link to a friend