Rituals create results; The importance of Routine

Rituals create results; The importance of Routine

Another awesome blog by Deanna Niceski “Accredited Exercise Physiologist”

Deanna Niceski

Mike Murdock gave us a nugget of wisdom when he said, “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine”, and he is not wrong. Yes, sometimes routines can be stale, rigid and repetitive, but what they instil and unknowingly set into motion is all worth it (if they are done in a positive way).

We humans tend to have ‘monkey minds’ where we allow our temptations and weaknesses to control our behaviours and overrun our lives. We all have guilty pleasures that our willpower may succumb to if we aren’t careful, so to combat these self-defeating habits we build a safety net, our routines. And as a direct result we take ownership of what we can control.

“We have set recipes we repeat on a daily basis to eliminate the need of making irrelevant decisions about mundane things” – Tim Ferriss

Routines are automated behaviours that engrain habitual change in our lives. They provide freedom in structure and clarity of the mind. They offer consistency and self-discipline and remove our need to think. They provide a framework for us to own our day and own our lives.

Some out of the box thinking!
Essentially, routines are manifestations of rhythms, patterns and habitual changes we implement to achieve goals, have optimal health, reach peak performance and generally have a great fulfilling life.

Within our body we have recurring cycles that help us function, called biorhythms. These sequences (circadian rhythm, sleep/wake cycle, heart and respiratory rate, movement/gait and menstrual cycles) within our biology give us an edge on understanding our health. When these systems are disrupted there is an imbalance and our body immediately undergoes strategies to help create and maintain a harmonious rhythm for optimum health.

These are routine structures and frameworks our body naturally adheres to, to make sure we are functional, healthy human beings. Even if you don’t want to create a routine in your day to day, it sneaks into your life in unexpected ways.

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Having morning rituals, makes you more efficient.
Having great sleep habits ensures quality rest which makes you more productive and more energetic.
Having daily routines create a sense of purpose in your life which improves your mental health and builds momentum and confidence.
Having an exercise routine, keeps you healthy, fit and movement rich which ensures longevity, physical ability and a number of physiological benefits.

All these share a common trend, our well being and wellness. We all dance to the beat of our own drum but underlying our quirkiness and unique interest’s, health, happiness and success are [usually] the number one priority and that’s why we create routine. Yes, there is good and bad, productive and non-productive routines and habits we concoct and surrender to, but routines anchor us down, no matter what. So, we focus on purposeful and intentional actions, that allow us to explore the best possible version of ourselves and encourage us to thrive.

Find your Why.
We have discussed it a million times and we will a million times more, make sure you know your why. Figure out what motivates you and why you want to make a change.

Crtl X, Crtl V. Edit what you’re already working with.
You already have a routine (and maybe it’s the kind that stunts your growth) so start small and manage what you’ve already got. Reduce the time you watch TikToks or vines before bed, wake up 5 min earlier than normal to meditate and breathe, add a salad rather than chips, whatever it is, make the decision and make it happen.

Get creative.
Think outside the box and make your rituals unique to you. Challenge yourself by bringing your own quirk to your daily practice and eliminate the boring routine slump.

Set reminders.
Write your to-do lists, put your foam roller next to the tv, write your affirmations on your bathroom mirror, don’t buy chocolate to keep in the cupboard. Reminders influence routine.

Stopping the zombie, auto-pilot routine life can be tricky, we all know how hard it is to change habits. So, add a drop of goodness, a hint of consistency and a pinch of creativity to your daily routine and start reaping those rewards.

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