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Tanita MC980 Body Composition

Bioelectrical Impedance (BIA) Body Composition


Fit3D Body Measurement and Posture Tracking


HumanTrak 3D Functional Movement Screening

Workplace wellness
  • Valid fitness testing protocols
  • Latest hardware and software technology
  • 3D body scanning
  • Bioelectrical impedance assessment
  • 3D functional screening and objective FMS
  • Trained and accredited staff
  • Free resources including GPTQA Flow, Health Jargon Buster, Numbers Explained and Useful Links
  • Workshops in data interpretation
  • Corporate wellness events

Importance of wellness tracking in workplaces

  • Promoting physical activity
  • Developing skills in goal setting, self-monitoring and self-testing
  • Promoting learning and positive attitudes for managers and staff
  • Motivating staff
  • Screening staff for potential health issues and injury prevention
  • Diagnosing fitness needs for individual exercise prescription and improvement
  • Objective guidance for rehabilitation and recovery
  • Reinforcing engagement in staff wellbeing
Private and secure data

IMAGE: GPTQA TRACK secure data management system

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Our Approach

Tracking fitness and wellness in businesses  is an essential part of both staff and management development and education that has been identified by leading academics globally with physical and mental health offering significant opportunities for focused learning and engagement.

Integration is key to an assessment environment and Global Wellness Tracking ensure all staff are immersed in the experience from registration to the delivery of the personal results securely and privately.

Our staff are all trained and experienced to GPTQA accreditation ensuring a professional and unbiased event.  For additional child safety each staff member has up to date Working With Children Checks (WWCC).

The corporate wellness tracking events provide learning opportunities for all staff with the offer of training in data interpretation and in validity, consistency and reliability.

Any form of assessing people needs a valid purpose and reliable measure and Global Wellness Tracking have specific expertise in managing and delivering an efficient event supported by secure data management and distribution.

What others say...

"Tracking wellness in staff can be daunting however with professional and reliable services, the whole experience is both engaging and rewarding for all levels of staff and management.

The importance of valid and consistent assessment cannot be misplaced and Global Wellness Tracking are both experienced and accredited specifically in this field to guarantee unbiased and reliable ongoing personal tracking of your staff.

From private one-on-one assessment using the latest technology to support in data interpretation and making positive habitual change, our staff provide insight and resources specific to each individual.

For the more enthusiastic, our fun fitness testing corporate events are a great motivator and team building exercise with a pure focus on wellness and active living for all."  G.Dudley

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Typical event

1 - Project meeting with client representative (HR, Director, Wellness Manager etc) to confirm purpose, protocols and scheduling around the business

2 - Pre-event registration and information package including necessary consent and data management (privacy and security)

3 - Fully managed event (normal protocols include height, weight (bmi), bioelectrical impedance (body composition) and Fit3D full body scan) provided in private environment

4 - GPTQA three stage data verification

5 - Delivery of results in desired formats (secure online private access for staff)

6 - Post event option of data interpretation learning and workshops

7 - Access to resources on how to make changes through active living

Optional extras include:

Fitness testing corporate events

3D functional screening for posture, balance and fundamental movement screening

GPTQA workshops and online learning on "A fundamental knowledge of reliable performance testing on people"