Finding diamonds with talent identification

Reliably identifying strengths and development opportunities in athletes...

Identifying talent requires a pure and consistent approach with valid assessment using the tightest quality assurance.

Global Performance Testing focuses on development to elite sporting athletes providing the same GPTQA reliability in tracking wellness, high performance and mindset.

As we access the worlds cleanest database of physiological data it is easy to identify benchmarks in elite programs and then align these to sub-elite, community and development-centric strategies.  This approach widens the potential of finding talent from just a few per hundred to thousands.

Talent Identification

By reliably assessing large cohorts in schools, clubs and academies we can filter strengths and weaknesses in opportune talent

TiD Scout Support

Tools including connections to talented athletes, verification of performance data and resources on global normatives that are sport specific

Sport Development Strategies

If talent is not forthcoming then GPTQA can assist in a broader strategy of coach and athlete development through valid data analysis at scale

Trials And Development

Junior clubs are supported with unbiased trial management to ensure development opportunities are assessed for the benefit of the players future