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"Creating exceptional well-being through positive habitual change in active living and education around the world." GD - CEO

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Our support program

Professional performance tracking in sports provides a number of benefits including injury prevention, athlete and player development, ability weakness identification and talent identification in trials or draft combines.

Global Wellness Tracking have a decade of experience in reliable and valid performance testing providing services around the world for leading organisations including the NFL oceanic draft combine, AFL draft combines, football (soccer) academies, NBL talent events, national team representation drafts and baselines, talent verification assessments for talent scouting and coach development programs.

Our GPTQA accreditation guarantees reliiability, consistency and validity of data with trained and qualified test personnel, official and verified protocols and the latest in tracking and data collection technologies.

Global Wellness Tracking are the creators of quality assured human performance testing at scale.

Slide Evaluating fitness programs for individual exercise prescription and improvement Identifying lifestyle areas with potential needs Promoting learning and motivating long-term positive habitual change Screening services for potential health issues and inury prevention Objective guidance for rehabilitation and recovery Reinforcing engagement of family and friends well-being Virtual support for home based engagement Develop skills in goal setting, self monitoring and self testing

Uniquely supporting the athlete and coach simultaneously

In today’s society and the broad range of technologies available it is essential that the athlete and coach understand the validity and interpretation of data and potential outcomes.

Global Wellness Tracking provide deep professional development to explain the why, how and what around the entire testing purpose and environment allowing them to use their personal expertise as effectively as possible.

Our Physical Services

Slide 3D Function Scanning Concussion Testing 3D Body Scanning Fitness Testing Mindfulness Tracking Data Management Motor & Cognition Body Composition (BIA) Book a personal scan Contact us for a project discussion

The GPTQA Flow

Global Wellness Tracking have a decade of experience in how to educate, implement and track positive mindset and physical activity.  Our research and development internationally has created the GPTQA flow as a foundation of human performance.  Watch the short video below for an overview.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Global Wellness Tracking provide unique professional development to teachers and coaches in physical literacy, technology, data interpretation and sport specificity.

Your staff can be trained in validity and reliability of assessing well-being in students through GPTQA accreditation and provided additional personal development in online courses around functional movement screening (FMS), 3D screening, nutrition, fitness and mindfulness.

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