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Graham Dudley CEO Global Wellness Tracking

Another awesome blog by Graham Dudley “Founder – Global Wellness Tracking”

“It doesn’t get better for football players and coaches”

Coaching football (soccer) for over two decades has been full of awesome experiences but I always wish I could do more for the young players and the coaches that I support in my capacity as a club Technical Director.

SportsEDTV are a fantastic organisation providing coaching resources in simple and effective ways across multiple codes but today I focus on football with the pleasure of highlighting the partnership between Global Wellness Tracking and SportsEDTV in this space.

Players, clubs and coaches can now access a whole range of professional videos, advertisement free and with interactive and engaging player development tracking tools from the GWT dashboard from as little as $49 per year or, even better, just $25 per player per year if your club, team or school apply for an annual team pass.  That’s 94c per week!

Take a moment to try out four videos on our free show reel below and you can track your ability by subscribing for a free personal locker here.