‘Your Smile is a Superpower’

Content by: Deanna Niceski – Accredited Exercise Physiologist How many muscles does it take to smile? 17, 26? Unfortunately, this fun fact has so many different answers, why, because ‘one person’s smile, is another’s smirk’. Like a fingerprint we all have our own unique style and way we show off Continue Reading

2019 Vicsport Young Athlete of the Year

Content by: Graham Dudley – CEO Global Wellness Tracking Australia are proud partners and preferred suppliers to Vicsport in Victoria, Australia in the space of reliable human performance testing and tracking and we have teamed up to sponsor an extraordinary award in the 2019 Vicsport Sport Awards. The Global Wellness Continue Reading


Already a member? Login to your account here Free membership Our FREE membership provides valuable information on data interpretation and resources to better understand the flow of wellness and active living in addition to the basic TRACK data platform for persona results and goal setting Subscribe Bronze membership Our BRONZE Continue Reading

TRACK Account

Athlete Login Access you personal wellness data, goal setting and much more Login Coach/Teacher Login Access your team or class wellness data and much more Login Need support We are here to help you access and use your TRACK account How to use TRACK Exclusive site The ultimate platform for Continue Reading


Our Unique Edge Join our team as a professional affiliate to the GPTQA flow and services Download PDF brochure Global Wellness Tracking offers regional affiliate programs to shout out the message of wellbeing to the communities of sport, health, education and technology. Affiliates receive a number of benefits including commissions Continue Reading

Assessment Services

School Wellness Tracking Professional fitness, performance and mindset tracking plus education resources for students and teachers More information Corporate Wellness Tracking Promoting and activating wellbeing of both body and mind to staff and their familes More information Personal Wellness Tracking Goal setting, learning and physical literacy for a longer, better, Continue Reading

Education Services

Staff training and accreditation GPTQA accreditation provides security for clients on the fundamental knowledge and capability of assessment staff Guarantees data validity and reliability Ensures working knowledge of specific technology, error and deviation for accurate outcomes Provides a global consistency across the industry for purposeful comparison of data for research Continue Reading

Data Services

As Global Wellness Tracking and our network collect data under controlled and verified conditions, we have a continually building reliable reservoir of data that can be utilised for research and development projects specific to health, sport, education and technology. If you have a specific need to use data or reliably Continue Reading

“2 O’s make it right and help us stay alive.”

Content by: Deanna Niceski – Accredited Exercise Physiologist “Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no air?” It will take your breath away. Knowing all the links, structures and organisms it takes for us to do something as natural and instinctive as breathing. Trees, plants, our bodies physiology, diatoms Continue Reading

Slugs, snails and puppy dog tails? Or sugar, spice and all things nice? What are YOU made of?

Content by: Jaymee Dudley You know you’ve got bones; you know you’ve got muscle and you know you’ve got fat. But have you ever wondered how much of each you have? Body composition is a way of describing what your body is made up of. By analysing your body composition, Continue Reading