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Female only footy events

Girls Footy Events In Victoria

Content by: #TEAMGPTAUS – Global Wellness Tracking, Australia EXCLUSIVE EVENTS ACROSS VICTORIA FOR FEMALE FOOTY PLAYERS Global Wellness Tracking Australia have teamed up with The Footy Factory in Melbourne to deliver a number of events specific to females in the game of Aussie Rules Footy. Events will cover both metropolitan and regional Victoria with scheduled

Dont worry be happy

Don’t worry, be happy! STRESS and 10 simple ways to let it go

Content by: Deanna Niceski – Accredited Exercise Physiologist – Australians admit that stress affects 72% of their physical health and 64% of their mental health. – The three main causes for stress in Australians are financial concerns, health issues and family issues. – 51% of Aussies do not seek proper help for stress. – 35%

Let's get functional

Let’s Get Functional!

Content by: Deanna Niceski – Accredited Exercise Physiologist Step aside traditional 70’s style gym-based programs and hello functional movement. You know those cages, green artificial grass, kettlebells, ropes, deadballs and therabands you see in a small section of your gym? That’s there for those ‘out-of-the-box’ people using a more functional approach to training. So, what’s