“Created from the frustration of seeing clubs spending thousands of dollars hiring TD’s who are using
the same drills and philosophies and the high rotation of coaches that leave clubs
and players having to re-build the foundation year after year”

save $000's on your coaching program

“We’ve rejuvenated an outdated role to complement and fit today’s digital age”


Soccer Player Female

Consistent club wide football communications

Up to date information from the Federation and coaching network to the committee and coaches

Save $’s to re-invest in other areas of the clubs development

By going virtual your club will benefit from huge savings on administrative time and become disruption-proof

Access expert advice and support for long-term planning

Ongoing information from our expert team with experience in all levels of the game

Resource the coaching team with agile session planning

Hundreds of drills and deep information resources for session and season long periodisation strategies

Build a foundation for year on year growth

Human TD’s move on all the time, so do coaches. With Virtual Technical Director if this happens, it doesn’t matter as you have everything you need, the next coach can come in where the previous one left off

Professionally motivate and develop the coaching team for success

Networking, advice and support from the experienced coaching community

Relieve the workload and pressure on the voluntary committee

Our team will take the pressure of curriculum guidelines and technical development for the coaches

Reinforce the clubs message of well-being and professionalism

Introduce a professional well-being program to your club players, coaches, members and community

Engage the members, supporters and community

Bringing tools and education around home-based and club-based skills and drills

Benefit from a single, reliable partner for a future-proof club

All resources provided with consistency and validity for seasons to come

Graham Dudley

Founder of Global Wellness Tracking with over two decades experience in human
performance analysis, positive habitual change and football coaching in the UK and

Qualifications and experience

  • AFC B License
  • 20 years experience as head coach, TD and academy director
  • Professional business administrator and dedicated CEO

Experiences include:

  • Alamein FC (NPLW) – Technical Director
  • Bayside United (NPLW) – Technical Director and Senior Head Coach
  • Beaumaris SC – Director of Football
  • Victoria University – Unigames Nationals Head Coach
  • The Peninsula Grammar – Head of Football
  • Toorak College – Coach
  • Casey Comets – Assistant Senior Coach
  • Skye United – Football Operations and Junior Development Coach
  • Southern Blue Tongues – Youth Coach (Champions League)
  • Premier Soccer Centres – Academy Director
  • Impact Soccer – Academy Coach
Graham Dudley Technical Director
Ivan Jolic Coaching


Significant insight to coach education and the “real” journey from junior community to elite development and strategic analysis for the whole of game approach.

Qualifications and experience

  • Highly experienced FFA Coach Educator
  • FFA SAP specialist
  • Currently completing AFC Pro Diploma

Experiences include:

  • Melbourne City – Assistant Coach (A-league)
  • Central Coast Mariners – Assistant Coach (A-league)
  • FFA U20 Socceroos – Assistant Coach (National Team)
  • FFA Westfield Matildas – Assistant Coach (National Team)
  • Macarthur FC – Assistant Coach (A-league)

WHat does virtual techical director include?

Liaison support with the local federation around footballing matters

Our team will keep up to date with the Technical Director of the state Football Federation around needs requirements of coaching and football related development matter.

Managing coach accreditation including WWCC authentication

Our team will formally follow up on coach accreditation including WWC checks to ensure the club meets its requirements

Coach management and communications for a united approach to player development

Our team will continue to provide feedback and information that supports the Australian National Curriculum and international developments and innovations in football coaching

Upskilling coaches and providing resources for development to the National Curriculum

Our team will keep all communications active and formal with the coaching team as a unit and individually to stay ahead of player development needs

Club wide football strategy and session periodisation for trials, pre-season and season

Our team will present the club with a strategic approach to periods of the season allowing planning of facilities, trials and competition

Coaching stationery, session planners and content for all levels of player and coach

Our team will provide basic session planning stationery and content for the coaching team that can be upgraded to more detailed plans as needed (see options and add-ons)

Workshops and forums to further educate each coach for differing ages, abilities and gender

Our team will encourage and engage the coaches in both internal and external networking opportunities to further develop their specific needs

Optional add-ons for players, coaches, committee members and supporters well-being

Our team provide a “pick’n’mix” range of add-ons that can support further player, coach, parent, member and committee development in personal well-being (see options and add-ons)

Basic bundles from $1,000 AUD for the season


Professional sports coaching videos
for all players and coaches


Professional sports coaching videos for all players and coaches


Over 1,000 movement videos and protocols
for prehab, rehab and general functional fitness


Over 1,000 movement videos and protocols for prehab, rehab and general functional fitness

Coaches Voice

Exclusive football coaching sessions
from leading professionals.
A trusted GWT affiliate link

Coaches Voice

Exclusive football coaching sessions from leading professionals. A trusted GWT affiliate link

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