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Attention OK, let's do it! ATTENTION! YOUR PRE-EVENT CHECKLIST We just need you to know and prepare a few things. Please take a quick read through the following! Membership Question 1. DO YOU HAVE A GLOBAL WELLNESS TRACKING MEMBERSHIP? NO YES (IT'S FREE!) *YOU WILL NEED ONE TO VIEW YOUR DATA* Membership Subscription SUBSCRIBE AS A FREE MEMBER! Subscribe Now (IT'S FREE!) You will need to have a FREE membership to access you Personal Locker, where all your results will be stored and accessible for you. Along with accessing your own data, by becoming a FREE member, you will have access to a number of resources that will assist you with interpreting and understanding your data, as well as proving you with information and resources for moving forward. This membership and its resources can be accessed buy multiple people within one household; however, each individual will require their own Locker Code to store their own personal data. *You will be taken to another page in another tab, please come back and complete this checklist!* Done! Locker Code Question 2. DO YOU HAVE A PERSONAL LOCKER CODE? NO YES EXAMPLE: ATH0000001 (IT'S FREE!) *YOU WILL NEED ONE TO VIEW YOUR DATA* Back Locker Code Enrolment ENROL FOR YOUR LOCKER CODE! Enrol Now (IT'S FREE!) At Global Wellness Tracking, we are all about the privacy and security of your personal data. Following this, we will need you to enrol for a Locker Code, which acts as a two-factor authentication to access your own personal data. This is a unique reference ID that will remain exclusive to you forever consisting of three letters ‘ATH’ followed by seven numbers (e.g. ATH0000001).
*You will need to be logged in with your membership to enrol for your Locker Code.* *You will be taken to another page in another tab, please come back and complete this checklist!* Done!
Outfit 3. HAVE YOU CHOSEN YOUR OUTFIT? (IT'S IMPORTANT!) For optimum results, you will need to wear minimal clothing for both your Fit3D and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) assessment. Snug underwear is best or a sports bra and compression shorts… the lesser the better. Tight fitting leggings are also acceptable. Don’t worry, your scan will be done in complete privacy.
Active wear is required for your Moovement scan, simply a t-shirt and shorts or leggings work perfectly. The assessment WILL NOT work if you are in loose fitting pants or jeans!
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